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What if “Casual Friday” went beyond your comfort zone?

screen grab from YouTube video by careerbuilder.com ad. See video main page

Would you find it unusual if Casual Friday meant that everyone could strut around in their underwear? That’s the question being asked in this humorous (and far-out ad)  from a U.S. employment website…

By Franke James, Author of Dear Office-Politics

In real life, the corporate culture of your workplace may not be so evident….
To really understand what’s going on, you may want to assume the role of a social anthropologist. Get curious and study your coworkers just like an impartial scientist. Reserve judgment on their habits and just take (mental) notes.

What are the customs of your coworkers? How do you react to them? Do they seem weird — or smart? Will you adopt their habits so you do fit in? Or scoff at them? The “Casual Friday” YouTube video below is part of a contest by Careerbuilder.com. Take a look at it, and analyze the underlying message. What is it telling us about social customs?

Decoding what your corporate culture is — and how (and if) you want to fit in, is critical to a successful career.

What seems odd to outsiders, may just be a matter of habit. Watch this YouTube comedy video about Ontario, Canada residents who get their milk in plastic bags — not jugs or cartons. Is it a better way? More environmentally-friendly? More sanitary? Or just plain weird?

If you were to make a video about the habits of your coworkers, what would you choose?

Let us know, so we can share in the laughter — or maybe learn a new way of doing things… Celebrate differences and turn the world (and your workplace) on its head!

  1. One Answer to “What if “Casual Friday” went beyond your comfort zone?”

  2. Yes, this is exactly how I felt at my goofy job (in the 01/2010 advice), that people were just a little too “out there” with personal information and political opinions. Yes you have a right to laugh at someone’s mannerisms – at home with your family!

    By no longer working there on May 17, 2010

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