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Part I: Why was I booted off customer training?

Dear Office-Politics,

My Business Office Manager has taken the training of our customer service reps from my responsibility and given it to another person. I have been in charge of training for 2 years and have had no complaints from my people or from the Organization and I have been told I was doing a good job. How do I confront this problem?


Unpleasantly Surprised

arnie herz

Dear Unpleasantly Surprised,

You have a few options. You can consult a crystal ball, a psychic, you can run through possibilities in your head, you can ask friends to guess… Or you can ask your Office Manager why you were replaced.

My guess is that the last option is likely to get you the most accurate response. Thanks for writing to Office-Politics.


Arnie Herz

Arnie Herz, is a lawyer, mediator, speaker, author and consultant nationally recognized for his practical and inspired approach to conflict resolution and client counseling. Visit his blog at LegalSanity.com

What's your advice?

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