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Rise up! Stand up for yourself!


Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day — so you could get all your work done — AND — exercise too?

Maybe it’s time to stand up for your rights — to a healthy workplace! @Good posted this brain teaser on Twitter. Franke James @OfficePolitics at OfficePolitics.com, responded…


Dear Office Politics: the game everyone plays

Photo: Dear Office-Politics game book

About “Dear Office-Politics”

Axiom Award medalDear Office-Politics is the award-winning dilemma-based social game that teaches you how to play (and laugh at) office politics. In March 2010, it won a bronze Axiom Business Book Award in HR/Training.

Dear Office-Politics lets YOU be an Office Politics Adviser and offer your best, sage advice. And then it turns the tables, and puts you into the role of Advice-seeker! How does the advice measure up? Well, the Advice-seeker each round is the ultimate judge, but you can also peek at the back of the book to see how the real Office-Politics Advisers answered.

Each ethical dilemma is based on an actual letter that was submitted to OfficePolitics.com since it was founded in 2002.

How to deal with a dismissive, disrespectful and arrogant employee?

Ear iIllustration copyright 2009 Franke James

Dear Office Politics,

As a director of marketing, I manage a great team of nine in a large organization. Lately I’m experiencing some challenges from a senior member of the team (let’s call her Sharon). Based on her proven and potential ability, I have sent Sharon on a major conference, provided financial recognition for work well done, been supportive in some interpersonal issues, and given her the lead on important projects. However, considering she reports to me, her behavior towards me has increasingly felt dismissive, disrespectful and arrogant.

My sister is making my work life miserable


My sister “Katty” got the job. Fast forward, Katty works here and has been making my work life miserable ever since. She constantly says inappropriate things in the office.” Franke James, Inventor of The Office-Politics Game responds: “Clearly your problem is not just office politics, it’s family politics too. Unfortunately, family politics can be even worse because it can last a lifetime… Let’s look at your options. You’ve said you’re prepared to lay down an ultimatum to HR. Either Katty leaves the company or you do. It sounds logical and decisive but is it smart politically?

How do I get my loudmouth coworkers to be quiet?

Text by Franke James; fisheye figures ©istockphoto.com/Sharon Dominick

Dear Office Politics,

I work as a Graphic Designer and while I love my job, I hate my work environment.

I occupy a cubicle at the back of a large area and my problem is the people all the way on the other side of the room. They scream constantly and tend to get very personal, they are always yelling my name out and trying to involve me in conversations that have nothing to do with me. My job involves a lot of focus so I need a professional atmosphere. It’s a mother/daughter team and you hear conversations from what’s for dinner to who they don’t like. I complained once and the person told them everything that I said and it created a lot of drama and stress for me. I’m at the end of my rope so I need advice on how to handle this very delicate but frustrating situation.

I have one BIG problem in my new job: I have NO idea what I’m doing

Collage drawing by Franke James using source illustration ©istockphoto.com/ MarikP

Dear Office-Politics,

…I have one big problem in my new job: I have no idea what I’m doing, and no one will answer my questions.

I have found myself in an unfortunate pickle. In my haste to get a job after moving to a new city, I took a job that seemed perfect at the time. I had been in residential real state for 3 and a half years, and an investment banker with a small staff hired me to work on a special project that would make use of my skills in residential property evaluation, to aid him in the pricing and acquisition of mortgage loans. I was excited to learn a little more about finance.

Well, the project never took off and while I am grateful that he has kept me on staff, I am doing nothing but making cold calls regarding commercial real estate loans all day long.

My coworker humiliates me…

text by Franke James, MFA.; rhino photo ©istockphoto.com/ HenriFaure

Dear Office-Politics,

I am hoping for some advice. I am a high school librarian. I left my previous position for a position that offered $20,000 more a year. The extra income is a big deal for me.

I am a single parent and I have struggled to provide for my child. I was at my previous job for 6 years. I left with a good reputation, an excellent work record, and an offer to come back. I love my work!! I love turning kids on to books!! This new position was fine in the beginning.