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New Year’s Resolutions or New Goals for 2007?

Everyone talks about making New Year’s resolutions — and then laughs about failing! Susan Bulkeley Butler, Author of “Become the CEO of You, Inc.” wants to improve your chances of success by shifting your focus from ‘resolutions’ to ‘goals’.

Susan’s Ten Tips for 2007: How to make things happen for you!

As the CEO of ‘You, Inc.’, this is a good time to set the direction for ‘You, Inc.’ and to implement your plan to make your goals a reality. You always want to be sure of where you’re going and how close you are to getting there. Consider the following questions thoughtfully to set the 2007 direction for You, Inc.

1. In looking at 2006, what did you accomplish?

2. Based on your accomplishments and your aspirations for your career and your life, what are your 3 to 5 most important goals for 2007?

3. How will your “team” or Board of Directors need to be changed to meet these goals? Do you have a mentor and/or another advocate who will help you achieve your goals?

4. What are the major steps in your plan to ensure the achievement of your goals?

5. Is your marketing plan current? Based on your goals, how does it need to be updated?

6. What about your “product”: your skills and capabilities? Are they where they need to be to achieve your goals? If not, what is your plan to enhance your product? Is your product one that will help your company achieve its strategy and bring value to your customers?

7. Evaluate your “packaging.” Are your apparel, hair style, and accessories appropriate for the position you hope to attain? Consider seeking feedback on “your look” and how you come across to others.

8. Time is an invaluable resource. Are you using your time in the best possible way to achieve your goals?

9. Are your evaluations current? Do you know what you need to do to achieve your goals?

10. How would you rate your visibility? Are you visible to the people who need to know who you are, and are they aware of the value you have been delivering?

Answering these 10 questions, actually writing down the answers to these questions and having a weekly ‘to do’ list will provide you with the opportunity to be honest with yourself and to get You, Inc. on the right track to be successful in 2007.

Susan is CEO of The Susan Bulkeley Butler Institute for the Development of Women Leaders and author of Become the CEO of You, Inc.: A Pioneering Executive Shares Her Secrets for Career Success.

What's your advice?

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