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Dina Beach Lynch responds…

dina beach lynch
The Diva is bad-mouthing me

I am the new person to “pick on” who replaced the previously picked on person who had her reputation ruined by this diva…. Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "Are you sure you have a good ‘read’ on the office politics? Several clues in your note indicate that there might be more going on than meets the eye…"

My colleague gives me orders to do work…

One of my colleagues always gives me orders to do work for her… I feel that she just wants to show people that I am under her and should do anything for her…. Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "Colleagues must be proactive in defining working relationships. All it takes is a brief question: how do you do your best work?"

Not in the in-crowd

I’m afraid I could be missing out on getting promoted since I’m not in the in-crowd, or worst yet, being let go because I don’t fit in… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "You’re right to recognize that informal gatherings at work can be an important source of information and a way for co-workers to promote familiarity and trust with each other…."

They accuse me of not being a team worker, but I am the only one on the team

Why go to the second level manager and say I am not a team worker when I am the only one on the team… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "You’ve been told you are not part of the team but then accused of not being a team player. The key thing to re-examine is the meaning of team…"

Lifelong Learning

A senior manager wants to step down to go back to school but wants to continue with the organization in an entry professional position… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "Reading between the lines, you sound a bit concerned about a senior person returning to work in a more junior role. If so, why not sit this manager down for a talk…."

New Ceo Bringing In His Old Cronies

In two years, the new CEO has replaced the COO, CFO, Sr. HR VP and several business presidents and functional Vice Presidents with his old colleagues… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, " Acquisitions and transitions are never easy and I’m sorry this one has been especially hard for you… I hear you saying that you want to survive 16 months until your retirement date. But before you commit to gritting it out: ask yourself why that is important to you."

Nobody Wants To Work For Me

The problem of office politics is in getting students to work in my lab. The colleagues with whom I declined to collaborate spread rumours that any student joining my group does not have a good future… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "When you decided to work exclusively in your own lab your colleagues probably felt that you had rejected them and their ways of doing things. You can see how this would lead to hard feelings and cause them to be less than supportive of you…"

Roller Coaster Ride

I have gone through a roller coaster ride… and I can’t make any sense of why I shouldn’t be promoted or at least recognized for my efforts… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "Getting a new job is exciting yet confusing because the rules are different. It takes time and effort to figure things out and begin to feel confident in your abilities and part of the culture."

Bullied And Belittled

This is a female who is well known for being a disease… using favoritism, rudeness, even sexual harassment… Dina Beach Lynch, Ombudsman, responds, "There’s an old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. Take a moment to think about your overall job situation before deciding to quit…"