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CNN Publishes OfficePolitics.com Quiz!

What a thrill! CNN.com asked Franke James, OfficePolitics.com founder, author and game designer, to create a quiz for their Global Office show. See screen shot and more details below…

Franke created the quiz by drawing on real-life office politics problems sent into the site (by readers like you) and featured in the Dear Office-Politics game book.


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The 10 quiz questions include how to handle the office “pet”; what to do if you’ve sent a scathing rant about your Boss to your coworkers; a new manager who rubs people the wrong way; whether you can avoid office politics by keeping your head down and just working; a coworker who is always hogging information and deliberately leaving you off emails; the coworker who steals your “big idea”; and the office gossip who talks about everyone behind their backs.

The answers are condensed from replies written by the Office-Politics Advisers, Erika Andersen, Rick Brandon, John Burton, Rona Maynard, Marty Seldman, Timothy Johnson and herself.


Take the quiz at CNN

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(You can also tweet it to @dearOP)