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Can you fight the bully and win? Read how one worker used a daily diary to fight the bully.

The featured comment below wins a copy of the award-winning ethics game book, Dear Office-Politics by Franke James.

“All I can say is that I was harrassed and bullied in the workplace by the Department Head and my supervisor — who decided between them, they wanted me out. You have to decide if you are going to run or fight, and I fought.”

“What goes around comes around. I was made redundant, but eventually the head was too, and the supervisor left shortly after me. People kept quiet for the five long months that this went on, and then left out of disgust. She had lost her credibility, and she couldn’t work there herself after it all ended.

“I filed a 13-item complaint, and gave the supervisor so much stress that she banged her phone repeatedly one day, just trying to smash the phone when she got an engaged tone. My own stress was unbelievable, but I decided first off, I wasn’t going to quit. By law, they couldn’t write a bad reference for the next job, and they had to compensate me for leave I hadn’t taken.

“So the die was cast, and I won. What goes around comes around. On linkedin, that manager hasn’t gotten a job in 9 months and is still unemployed. Good things happen to good people. Have faith. If you stand your ground, make sure you understand precisely the ground you are standing upon. Keep a diary for the lawsuit you may instigate further down the line.

“Think ahead 10 paces in front of them. When the supervisor announced I was to be placed on the “improvement program”, I just walked over to HR and set in motion the complaint procedure all taken from my diary. She most have come in the following morning thinking she would have me all wrapped up and out the door, and may have been surprised to have received the call from HR with the tables turned…

“And yes, I would do it again if someone ever did that to me again.” England UK


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text by Franke James, MFA.; rhino photo ©istockphoto.com/ HenriFaure Dear Office-Politics,
I am hoping for some advice. I am a high school librarian. I left my previous position for a position that offered $20,000 more a year. The extra income is a big deal for me.
I am a single parent and I have struggled to provide for my child. I was at my previous job for 6 years. I left with a good reputation, an excellent work record, and an offer to come back. I love my work!! I love turning kids on to books!! This new position was fine in the beginning.
I found out from my co-worker that the reason the former librarian left was because she was “difficult to get along with.” Everyday, for the past several months, I heard about how awful this former coworker was, sometimes several times per day. My coworker knows where her former coworker is employed and is now starting a hideous gossip chain about her to her new employer. What does this have to do with me? In meetings, my coworker, humiliates me in front of everyone, she says demeaning comments to my face. She has sabotaged me with other teachers by telling them that I do not know what I am doing. She tells everyone I am a “dingbat.” Read more…

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