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What is the Office-Politics® Game?

Office-Politics® is the dilemma-based social game that teaches you how to play (and laugh at) office politics.; spinach illustration by Franke James, MFA.;  © franke james

How To Play:

The online version: Dear Office-Politics lets YOU be an Office Politics Adviser and offer your best, sage advice. You can post your answer in the comment box below selected dilemmas. Or play it on Twitter by sending your 140 character answer to: @DearOP

How does your advice measure up? Well, the Advice-seeker who sent in the original dilemma is the ultimate judge (so be respectful), but you can also peek at the answer posted online from one of the Office-Politics Advisers to see how they answered. The best answer for each game dilemma is eligible to win a business book. (Click here for contest rules.) Each dilemma is an actual letter submitted to OfficePolitics.com.

Online Game Play:

1.   Read the Office-Politics dilemma.
2.   Enter your advice.
Enter your advice in the comment box under the dilemma, or via Twitter to: @DearOP
3.   What’s the scorecard?
See the Office-Politics Evaluation Grid the Advice-seeker will use to score your advice.
4.   Who is the judge?
The Advice-seeker who sent in the dilemma will be the “Judge” and decide whose advice “wins”. If that person can’t be contacted, then Nerdheaven Ltd. (the owners of OfficePolitics.com) will decide whose advice wins.
5. What does the winner get?
Winners will be awarded one business book or video. Read the full contest rules. (void where prohibited by law.)

You can also play the game in book form.

Dear office-Politics book cover Office-Politics® is the dilemma-based social game that teaches you how to play (and laugh at) office politics.;  by Franke James, MFA.;  © franke james

Available for purchase from Amazon.

What people are saying about Dear Office-Politics:

5.0 out of 5 stars January 4, 2010
By Shannon S. Warren “OK Ethics Founder”

In December, 2009, the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium featured games from the Dear Office-Politics book in presentations to audiences totaling nearly 450 attendees. We used two of the scenarios to facilitate group discussions and they certainly provided some thought-provoking opportunities. This book is a wonderful tool to use in bringing sensitive issues out into the open in a non-threatening way that results in constructive processing. I highly recommend it!

I have personally enjoyed the book and especially love the graphics! This was one of our most successful programs and the feedback from participants has been terrific! — Shannon Warren, Founder, Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

(Link to Amazon online review.)

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The Office-Politics® Game was invented by editor and site founder, Franke James. Franke is an author, artist and speaker on social change and the environment. Read more about Franke.

Dear Office-Politics and The Office-Politics® Game were invented by Franke James, MFA
Office-Politics® is a registered trademark of Nerdheaven Ltd.
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