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Office-Politics Terms of Submission

The Dear Office-Politics Letters that appears as a feature of this Website are an educational and discussion oriented column designed to help the reader better understand ethical issues.

The matters discussed in the letter are reviewed in a summary and abbreviated way and are only meant to foster thinking on the part of the reader.

If a person decides to adopt or implement suggestions, they do so at their own risk. No representation or warranty is provided in relation to suggestions or the contents of the letter. Neither the authors of the letter, Franke James, John W. Burton, Rick Brandon, Marty Seldman, Arnie Herz, Dina Beach Lynch, Peter Garber, Susan Bulkeley Butler, Timothy Johnson, Gregory Ketchum, Christine Comaford-Lynch, Erika Andersen, Rona Maynard, or the owners of this Website accept any liability whatsoever for any opinions expressed in the letter or for errors and omissions.

All submissions to www.officepolitics.com will remain anonymous (unless you are entering the book contest give away). No email addresses or identifying names will be published. Submission of letters to the Office-Politics Forum grants the Publisher, Nerdheaven Ltd. the right to reproduce, republish, repurpose and excerpt the submission in any and all other media, without compensation or contacting the author.

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