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Dear Office-Politics: Axiom Award, Reviews and Interviews


Dear Office-Politics cover by Franke James, MFA.; Dear Office-Politics, the game everyone plays is the winner of a 2010 Axiom Business Book Award.

Axiom Award

Franke James’ innovative game-book was awarded the Bronze Medal in the HR/Employee Training category. Dear Office-Politics is a role-playing game that encourages lively discussion of workplace issues. It helps people exercise their ethical muscles, analyze power, increase empathy, and understand why the “right” course of action is actually in their — and the company’s best interests.

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franke james 2009 FOREWORD – Review:
“James’s splashy sense of humor and style catapults this book from the field of humdrum human resources exercises to an entertaining discussion of the pantheon of office types… Winner of an Axiom Business Book Award for 2010, Dear Office-Politics is recommended for team-building meetings, as well as for pleasure reading.” Read…

Dear Office-Politics by Franke James – Book review

“For me, the power of the book is how Franke James combines wit, important information and ideas from guest experts into an engaging and educational game about ethics… I highly recommend the ground breaking game within a book, Dear Office-Politics, to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the ethical dilemmas faced with office politics situations in a safe and non-threatening way… this game book provides a powerful hands on teaching tool for creative resolution of ethical decision making. The lavish and often very funny illustrations are a delightful added bonus feature of the book… play the game within a book so that you won’t lose in the rough and tumble real world of office politics. The discovery that the most ethical, collaborative, and win win solutions are a winning formula for the organization, the employees, and society as a whole makes this book a definite must read. The book is well deserving of its award winning status.”

Blog Business World Interview: Blog Business World interviews Franke James

Franke James comments, “To get maximum value out of the book, readers have to become active players. You have to jump in and actually play the game using the ethics quadrant. I know that stating views publicly will be scary for some people. But it takes the experience to a whole new level. It’s like the difference between passively watching TV, and actively getting up on stage and speaking your mind. For those who are nervous about playing the game with coworkers, try it at home with friends and family first.” Read…



“In December, 2009, the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium featured games from the Dear Office-Politics book in presentations to audiences totaling nearly 450 attendees. We used two of the scenarios to facilitate group discussions and they certainly provided some thought-provoking opportunities. This book is a wonderful tool to use in bringing sensitive issues out into the open in a non-threatening way that results in constructive processing. I highly recommend it!

I have personally enjoyed the book and especially love the graphics! This was one of our most successful programs and the feedback from participants has been terrific!” Shannon Warren, Founder, Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

If I Were In HR, Here’s What I Would Do…

“If you’ve ever read “Dear Office Politics” and thought “I would have handled that differently” this book is a chance to put in your two-cents worth without risking your year-end bonus. The front cover (surrounded by sharks) and the back cover (back stabber) are just a sample of the fun and funny photos and illustrations inside. I enjoyed thumbing through the book even before I played the game. Then I played it with a group of friends, some of whom have and some have not worked in the corporate environment. It was a revelation to all of us! (Full disclosure, I have never worked for a corporation and this book was proof positive that I made the right decision. I would have been fired the first week.) Franke James is a very talented woman. Love her original artwork!” The Sensible Shopper (Las Vegas)

A seriously fun way to make the workplace “thriveable” instead of barely survivable!

“The workplace, more than anything, is a collection of interactions between people, and people who likely have only partial choice in who surrounds them and who they must depend upon. With our inevitable differences, getting along, let alone thriving, is hardly guaranteed.

If there are more than two people in a room, politics is in play. Best we embrace the fact of office politics, and get good at it. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, and being clumsy, coarse and aggressive with it only makes the workplace unbearable. Why not get better at office politics through something both playful and serious?

“Dear Office-Politics” is a social game that puts participants in the position of adviser. By attempting to answer ostensibly hypothetical but realistic dilemmas, players explore their own biases and assumptions, as well as those of other players (their coworkers).

The dilemmas included in the book are very good choices: often recognizable but never trivial. The advice that “Dear Office-Politics” offers to each dilemma (don’t peek in the second part of the book or you’ll spoil the game!) is thoughtful and balanced, reflecting that real-life, even at work, can’t be lived by formula.

I think “Dear Office Politics” is an illuminating and entertaining way to explore how your team functions at work, how they can work better together.” Trevor Rotzien

Great for companies of any size

“We all do it. Some abstain and think that they don’t do it, but in reality they have a different role in it.

What is it? Office Politics…

This book/game is a fresh idea and a great tool for anyone in the working world to add to their workforce toolkit. Anyone at a supervisory level should use this to sharpen their skills in dealing with day to day people interaction issues.

This game has excellent content drawn from real-life letters… The political and ethical dilemmas (and the expert’s advice) within the game span all types imaginable, from Dealing with the Office Princess to Co-Worker is Hogging Information to My Sister is making my work life miserable.

Odds are that if you’ve dealt with it in real life – or know someone who has – it’s between the covers of this slick publication. I’ve worked for international organizations and for tiny companies and can tell you first-hand that this is one place where size does not matter. Companies of any size will find this useful.

Gather up a group of co-workers and follow the easy-to-understand rules listed early on in the book, and prepare yourselves for some stimulating discussion. Vince d’Eon

Past praise for the original Office-Politics® Game

Feedback on the Office-Politics® Game:

“The presentation went really well! The audience (55 academics) loved the scenarios + had quite a bit to say. What a discussion we had! It was fabulous! We ran a half hour over and they asked to keep going!… Thank you so much!” Caryl Stern, Chief Operating Officer, UNICEF

“It was ideal, and I am so pleased I discovered you.”Dana M. Smith, SPHR, VP of Human Resources

“The Office-Politics® Game served as a excellent addition to my presentation. At the close of my talk, participants were separated into groups to play a variation of your game. Each group engaged in discussing 7 or 8 scenarios and, at the conclusion, they were asking for more cards and did not want to leave. It was ideal, and I am so pleased I discovered you.” Dana M. Smith, SPHR, VP of Human Resources, CapitalSource Inc. (NYSE: CSE)

“The Office-Politics® Game was a great hit at our Networking Event.” Rebecca Sinton, APESMA

“Thank you so much for developing this – it was a great hit at our Networking Event last night. We will definitely be using it again for various events, as we can envision using it for Office Politics seminars and future Networking Events.” Rebecca Sinton, APESMA

“Fascinating. Raised player awareness!” Rodger Nevill Harding, Executive Career Coach and Author

“Office–Politics is relevant and fun for anyone who has ever worked in an office. The fast moving, cause and effect strategy base quickly reveals what lies behind unconscious knee-jerk decisions and behaviour. Seeing and understanding what makes different people do different things is fascinating. I was so impressed I used the game in several team and leadership workshops. The effect was dramatic as it not only raised player awareness as to the impact of their decisions in the workplace, but also provided a revealing look in the moral/ethical mirror.” Rodger Nevill Harding, Executive Career Coach, Author of “Corporate Intelligence Awareness: Securing the Competitive Edge”

“Excellent way for employees to laugh and get to know each other better!” C. O’Leary, U.S. Army Military

“The Office-Politics Game is great. All our employees (22) had a great time playing. It was a wonderful way to get people to think about office politics and how it affects them. We played at a company in-service, after a speech on conflict resolution, and how to get along with your co-workers. The game was an excellent way for the employees to laugh and get to know each other better.” C. O’Leary, U.S. Army Military

“Wonderful! What a hoot!”M.P., Law Firm, New York State, USA

“Wonderful. What a hoot! You really covered all the topics. The game has been a hit. We’ve passed it all over the office. It’s really helped us to understand and appreciate the difference in perception between the employees and the employers. We also took it home and played it with friends. We had tears running down our faces we were laughing so hard… It’s a fantastic game.” M.P., Law Firm, New York State, USA

“We were all rolling around laughing!”V.Q., Media company, N.Y., N.Y., USA

“The Office-Politics Game was interesting to say the least! We were all rolling around laughing! In the process we got to know each other on another level, personalities really came out of the woods! It was loads of fun!!!” V.Q., Media company, N.Y., N.Y., USA

“All of the dilemmas were a hit!” D.Y., Georgia, USA, Software Company

“Everyone enjoyed the Office-Politics Game… I used my wife and in-laws to do a trial run the night before to learn how to play the game prior to playing it with my [office] team. We broke up into groups of 4-5 and took turns. The game was entertaining… it was interesting to get some insight into how others would react. I think all of the dilemmas were a hit.” D.Y., Georgia, USA, Software Company

“Revealing and entertaining!”Executive In-house Trainer, Multinational Hardware Retailer

“The Office-Politics Game encouraged us to reveal personal stories about office politics. It was entertaining. There is a possibility for a facilitator to ask questions that lead to learning. I thought the dilemma about the Boss bullying other team members, and whether you’d tell HR, was great.” Executive In-house Trainer, Multinational Hardware Retailer

“A great game with wonderful talking points!”IA, New Jersey, USA, Travel Agent

“The game of Office Politics was played in the office with 7 individuals. The amazing thing to most of them was the person everyone hated was the one who was definitely on her way to success. She was talking to all the right people in the organization… She didn’t mind kissing — or sucking up… it builds character!! It’s a great game to play with wonderful talking points. We’ve enjoyed it. Thanks.” IA, New Jersey, USA, Travel Agent

“A perfect concept for these times”Paul Toyne, Inventor of Balderdash

“Everytime you open the newspaper, you are whacked over the head with office politics. It’s such a perfect concept for these times.” Paul Toyne, Inventor of Balderdash

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