Bio of Franke James
Co-creator of Office-Politics®
Co-Founder of Nerdheaven Ltd. and The James Gang

Franke James is an artist and writer who has carved out a unique hybrid career in entertainment, leading-edge technology, and advertising. She has been featured as a creative innovator on the CTV show "Innovating Tomorrow" in 2002. In January 2003 Franke was profiled on CTV’s WebMania, about her latest brainchild, Office-Politics. In March 2003, Franke organized and led a Trade Mission of new media producers to Los Angeles for the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Franke has presented at conferences including Flashforward2001 San Francisco, Flashforward2000 New York, and the World Animation Celebration 2000, Hollywood and has acted as a Judge for the Flashforward Film Festival and Marketing Magazine's Digital Awards. Going forward, Franke is focused on creating original content, which can be licensed, from broadband through to wireless.


Office-Politics is a satirical online and wireless messaging game. It has been described as a cross between Dilbert and Survivor -- a competitive game where every player is scratching and clawing their way to the top. Each day, an original interactive Office-Politics dilemma provokes players to comment on thorny topical issues. The object of the game is to amass the most points and snag the title of CEO. Players use a variety of tools including Golden Parachutes, White Knights, Dirty Fingers and Backstabbing to win points. For 2003 a new betting feature (codename: Slacker) has been introduced which allows players to bet points on other players, and which can, theoretically, vault someone quickly into a position of power, with a minimum of effort. Please visit the Office-Politics Press area to learn more:

Company Profile:

Nerdheaven Ltd. is a privately held company based in Toronto, Canada. The company is developing original games, which integrate multi-player communication, entertainment, advertising, and market research capability across converging media including the web, wireless, voice, and television networks. Nerdheaven launched Office-Politics, the game everyone plays in August 2002. It is a satirical multi-player messaging game designed for web, wireless and TV.

The James Gang has been at the forefront of creating entertaining content for advertising clients since 1995. They launched Roots Canada on the web in February 1996 with an interactive story project and contest entitled "Around the Campfire". In 1997 they pioneered a psychological advergame called "The Room", for Umbra (a global house-ware manufacturer). It went on to attract millions of visitors, garner international awards and achieve "hot site" status with USA Today, AOL, and Yahoo. Other examples of their work include the "Looking Glass" self-analysis beauty game (1999), the animated and twisted comedy "Control Alt Delete" (2000), and the "Love Quiz" (2001) on web and wireless.


Office-Politics® (2002-2003) [web, wireless, print and TV]
The Room (2003, 1997) [web]
MyObsessions Love Quiz (2001) [web and wireless]
Control Alt Delete (2000) [live musical comedy and web cartoon]
The Looking Glass (1999) [web]

Contact Information:

The James Gang Advertising Inc., and Nerdheaven Ltd.
Telephone: 416-256-9166